It’s autumn. The nights are growing cooler, the days shorter. All of us understand: winter is coming!

But that doesn’t mean boating season is over.

This time of year is great for visiting some of those local destinations and ports of call you always wanted to experience, but without all the crowds and hassles of the tourist season of midsummer. Now that the days have cooled and kids are back in school, it’s a great time to get out and explore our wonderful New England coast. We’ve suggested a few places for you to consider below.

Autumn is also the time to begin thinking about that all-important process of winterizing your boat. Here in New England, with our cold and damp winter months, it is imperative that you spend some time decommissioning your boat, to protect it against the harsh winter conditions and to make sure that, come next spring, you can get up-and-running for a new boating season in no time.

We at McShane have the factory trained technicians on staff who are experienced in the winterizing process that’s best for your boat. We’ll flush and drain all the lines, install the antifreeze, change the oil and make sure your engine–inboard or out–is properly prepared for winter.

Don’t delay! Call us today to schedule an appointment.