It’s almost time for putting the boat away for the winter. That goes for the boat’s trailer as well.  Because your trailer is an important piece of equipment in your boating lifestyle, it makes sense to take the steps necessary to ensure it’s kept in good condition.

So as you begin closing down the boating season, take the time to check your trailer and do the prep work to properly store it over the winter months.

  1. Start with a thorough washing and detailing. Clear away all the grime and mud that have built up during the summer boating season. Check the undercarriage and other hard to see places. A good metal brush will help dislodge the gunk. Then, make sure the trailer is completely dry before storing it away.
  2. Check the frame for rust spots. If you find any spots (and you probably will), sand them down, then prime and coat with galvanic paint.
  3. Grease the winch gears, the jack stand, the coupler-latch assembly and the brake actuator rollers. Apply grease or metal-protection spray to the light harness and the bunk rollers.
  4. Check for any loose bolts and tighten.  Top off the brake-actuator reservoir with brake fluid.
  5. You’ll want to jack the trailer up for winter storage. This takes the weight off the tires and prevents dry rot and flat spots. If you leave the tires on, stabilize the trailer with blocks. Also, reduce the air pressure in the tires and cover them against the elements. Many owners remove the tires for the winter and store them inside on a flat surface.

It’s worth taking an hour or so to take these steps to protect your trailer for the winter sleep. Come spring, your trailer will be ready to roll at the first sign of warm weather!