When’s the best time to buy a boat?

As a dealer, we’d say … anytime! But we may be biased!

There are pros and cons to consider no matter what season of the year. In spring and summer, when boaters are thinking about and actually going boating, it’s a good time to shop. There are plenty of boats around, you can see them at the docks and out on the water, and there are plenty of captains around to talk about the pros and cons of all the different models.

But here in the fall, it’s also a great time to be shopping for boats.

If you’re looking for a previously owned model, this is the time–after the summer season is over–when many captains decide to trade in their current vessel for a newer model. That means the inventory of previously owned boats is large, and dealers are incentivized to make deals to clear out their lots and docks. 

If you’re in the market for a new boat, this is also a great time to be shopping.  Dealers will be getting ready to introduce their new models (the 2022 models) and will be willing to offer incentives and special deals to clear out the 2021s.  If you’ve got cash to spend, you’ll find lots of great deals being proposed. Many are not advertised, so stop by our dealership and ask.

In the next few months, the boat show season will begin. (The Fort Lauderdale boat show down in Florida is the unofficial start of show season. It kicks off October 27).  Held during the late fall and winter months, these boat shows will exhibit all the new 2022 models from the manufacturers. And many offer in-show discounts and savings. 

Autumn is a great time to shop for boats, new or used. Call or stop by McShane Yacht Sales now and see what’s on offer.