Life is full of uncertainty. (Boy oh boy, given what’s been going on in our world the last few months, there’s an understatement!)

Everyone who’s ever contemplated purchasing a new boat has confronted those uncertainties. You have a budget or a price point in mind, and you have to decide if you buy a new boat with a few less bells and whistles to match your budget, or a used boat, maybe larger and with all those options you want. 

At McShane Yacht Sales, we try to eliminate uncertainty from your buying decision. How? One way is through our reputation as an honest boat broker who stands behind our product with excellent sales and service and strives to make every customer happy. 

Another way is McShane’s unique two-year Price Protection Program. We are unaware of any other boat dealer in New England that offers such a program.

How it works

Here’s how it works: If you purchase any new boat we stock, any manufacturer, any model, any price … and decide at anytime in the next two years that you wish to upgrade to a higher priced boat, the full amount of what you paid for the first boat will be applied to the purchase of the new craft. (Sure, there are a few fine-print caveats. See them here.)

That’s right. Whatever boat you buy, if you decide to upgrade to another boat, we’ll deduct the full purchase price of the first boat against the second. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Customers who’ve used our unique Price Protection Plan

“It’s a great deal!” says Ed Hood, one of our longtime customers. “It’s so fantastic, I’ve done it twice.”

Ed heard about the two-year Price Protection Program when he was first shopping for a boat with McShane Yacht Sales. His first boat was actually a used boat, but he said that Dave McShane agreed to honor the deal when Ed decided to upgrade to a new boat. And within two years of that second transaction, Ed Hood upgraded again, to another new boat. Again, his full purchase price was applied against the cost of the new boat. 

When Matt Kruger bought his SeaFox 226 “I had no intention of buying a new one,” he says. But six months later, he upgraded to the SeaFox 248, and used the Price Protection Program to save money.

“The way I see it,” he said, “If I can use a boat for a season or two and then upgrade to a newer and bigger boat, I can get the boat I want with a lower payment and more equity. That’s a winning proposition.”

Matt said he learned about the SeaFox brand by buying in increments–he learned a lot from his first boat, and knew the features he wanted in his second. And he has his eye on the 26-footer sometime in the future. “When the price is right, I’ll jump again,” he said.

“Having that Price Protection Program takes a lot of stress and uncertainty from the buying decision,” says Jeff Mollica, another longtime customer of McShane Yacht Sales. “Circumstances change in everyone’s life, and this policy adds flexibility and lowers my risk.”

Jeff says he has purchased several boats from McShane, and he has gone both up and down the ladder.  He first purchased a 36-foot Albemarle, but then he retired to Florida and decided he didn’t need that much boat, so he traded for a 32-foot Everglades, using the PPP program. 

Now, back to being semi-retired, he’s in a new 28-foot SeaFox. “I went with the deal because of the Purchase Protection Plan,” he said. “I knew I wasn’t trapped.”

If you’d like to find out more about McShane’s Price Protection Plan, give us a call at (781) 837-0115 or Contact Us HERE.