Father’s Day approaches, and so it’s time for our annual wrap-up of some appropriate gifts for Dad. At least, if your Dad is an avid fisherman or boater.

One word of advice before we begin: most fisherpersons we know are pretty picky about the gear they use, the clothes they wear and how and where they like to fish. Not to say your Father Figure won’t be happy if you buy him a new rod and reel, or some fantastic fishing outfit recommended by L.L. Bean or the great new sunglasses that double as a radio receiver … he might love it! But he might also think What in tarnation is that?

So here are some gift ideas that almost anyone would like to get and/or would find useful in fishing and boating activities.

Turn it UP! 

Music goes everywhere with us these days and your Outdoor Dad probably has his favorite tunes loaded up on Spotify on his phone. Here are some Bluetooth enabled speakers that will help Dad enjoy his tunes while fishing or boating.

The Cambridge Soundworks waterproof OontZ speaker boats an IPx5 water resistance rating and up to 14 hours of battery life, along with a 100-foot wireless range and a fast Bluetooth 4.2 antenna. Reasonably priced at $22 at Amazon.

A good mid-range wireless speaker is the EcoXGear Ecocast speaker. Watertight construction, storage spaces and shoulder strap and the speaker can easily connect to a boat’s other speaker system for surround sound. You can also make and receive calls when your phone is connected. $179.99 at Amazon.

If you want to get serious about outdoor music, the DemerBox DB2 is designed for the wild and can withstand drops, water and other elements you find out of doors. 40 hours of battery life means this speaker will last all weekend, and the rugged box includes storage compartments for keys, phones and other valuables. $399 at Amazon.

Tool Time. 

Every fisherman needs some good tools. A good knife is important, used for everything from cutting line to fileting the catch of the day.

The Williams RX Flipper is a good all-purpose knife. The sharp drop-point blade retains its edge, the textured G-10 handle, lanyard loop and clip and extended oval for one-hand opening makes it efficient to handle, even in rocking boat environments. Eight-inch blade, comes in black or tan. $99 at Williams Knife.

If Dad is pretty good at landing the big ones, he’ll appreciate the Bubba Blade 9-inch flex filet knife. Stainless steel blade and non-slip grip. $44 at Amazon.

Bubba also makes these Fishing Pliers, which are endlessly useful. Remove hooks from fish, replace hooks on the lure, cut line, and dozens of other uses. 7.5-inch pliers are made with stainless steel. $40 on Amazon.

Save Dad’s breath with this great little 12-volt inflator, which can quickly add air to tubes, floats, fenders and more. No more huffin’ and puffin’!  $21.99 at Wow Watersports. 

Wind it Up. 

Dad’s eyes will light up when he sees you’ve given him one of these handy tools. They’ll make the chore of adding new line to his reel a breeze.

The Piscifun Fishing Line Winder is attached to the base of his rod and he can simply add line from the spool with his cranker. Easy peasy and takes just seconds. This one is $30 at Amazon.

A similar device is the Pen HD Line Winder. This heavy-duty steel unit keeps the filler spool stationary while you crank on the new line. You can adjust the tension level, too. $69.99 at Amazon.

Fashionistas Under the Sun. 

Protecting against UV rays is important, especially out on the water.  The Columbia PFG Bahama II long sleeve fishing shirt. This nylon, relaxed fit shirt has hidden vents for coolness, four chest pockets to store your gear and boasts a UPF rating of 50 for protection on long days in the sun. $48 at Columbia.

For Dad’s head, the Seirus Innovation Floppy Sun Hat is quick-drying, breathable and has a UPF rating of 25. There’s a built-in buff to protect the neck which converts into a sweat-wicking bandana.  $40 from Amazon.

For Clumsy Dads. 

Dad needs his phone when he’s out on the water. But some Dads are a bit clumsy and often drop things. Like phones. In the water. Not good.

The LifeProof Fre-series waterproof phone cases will help. Designed for every model of iPhone (and the Galaxy S9+), these cases are totally waterproof and drop-proof. Starts at $90, from LifeProof.


It’s a well-known fact that Dads get old (just ask us!). And when Dads get old, they start to squint at fine detail stuff. Like tying a new lure or fly on the line. Leave it to the good folks at L.L. Bean to come up with an answer for old age. The Flip-Focal Magnifier clips to Dad’s cap and provides a close-up look at what his fingers are trying to do. Available at L.L. Bean.

And finally …

Lure of the Month Club. 

We love the concept behind the Mystery Tackle Box deals offered by Karl’s.  Choose your subscription–regular, pro or elite–and they’ll send Dad a monthly box full of fishing tackle and gear: lures, line, and other fishy stuff. You can customize your box for species, type of water and more, and opt for one-time, three-month, six-month or yearly plan. Prices start at $19.99. Info at Karl’s.