People who know Crownline Boats know their reputation: go fast!

These sleek sports cars of the sea have long been famous for speed and performance.

One main reason is Crownline’s exclusive, patented F.A.S.T. Tab Hull design. The acronym stands for Fin-Assisted Safe Turn. Crownline has borrowed from the aerospace industry to produce a hull system designed to deliver performance, safety and economy.

Look under any Crownline with the F.A.S.T. Tab Hull and you’ll find a full-length keel pad which progressively lifts the entire underwater running surface of the hull. In addition, Crownline utilizes its unique vented chines–basically underwater wings– to introduce more air flow to the bottom of the hull. More air reduces drag, allows the boat to float up to plane, and attain higher speeds with less horsepower. That means better fuel economy.

In addition, the Crownline F.A.S.T. Tab Hull utilizes vortex generators to control the water flow at the stern, and isolate the boat from side turbulence in the water. This adds speed and stability at every speed level.

But the problem with vented chines is that there can be turning control problems, less grip on turns. Crownline’s engineers solved this problem by slightly reducing and redesigning the size and shape of the vented chines to increase turning ability, especially at high speeds.

This state of the art hull design helps every Crownline boat with

  • Slow speed stability
  • High speed turning stability
  • Improved time to plane acceleration
  • Improved fuel economy

To learn more about this great technological improvement, watch this short video on YouTube:

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